Dianne Marshall Remy Tape Hair Extensions

Dianne Marshall Professional Remy Tape Hair Extensions Taped Hair Extensions

Tape Being Removed 2Dianne Marshall pre-taped hair extensions and rooted balayage hair extensions offer the ideal application method for people looking for a speedy hair extension service. They are perfect for adding a bit of colour to your own hair.

Dianne Marshall pre-taped hair extensions blend seamlessly to the root of the hair to add instant thickness to your locks. These super easy pre-taped pieces are ready to apply and lie so flat you won’t even feel like you have them in.

Better yet, our top-quality, pre-taped application system allows for a quick and easy application. DM rooted tape hair extensions, balayage tape extensions and popular Remy taped extensions come in 4cm width strips. The adhesive tape hair is placed on top of your own hair then a further strip is placed underneath to form a sandwich like effect.

There are 10 sandwiches in one packet of tapes and between 1-4 packets are used per head depending on the thickness of your own hair and the desired look that you want to achieve.

With care, our 100% human hair tape extensions can stay fixed in place for 6/8 weeks.

Tape extensions are virtually undetectable and great for adding length & thickness to all hair lengths as they sit so flat on the scalp. They also make an ideal choice of hair extension for shorter hair and taped extensions are particularly effective if you have fine hair as they sit so flat & discreet. Double drawn tape hair extensions make a good choice to help correct hair that has been damaged or broken. They offer a quick and effective solution to fill in any sparse areas of hair.  

  • DM tapes are available in 22 colours, in length 16 and 20 inch.
  • Tapes last approx. 4-6 months, some lasting longer depending on after care.
  • Maintenance - Tapes need to be refitted every 6-8 weeks although some people may have to refit them more often if their hair is either very short or very fine.
  • DM tape remover is available to remove the extensions. DO NOT try to remove taped hair extensions without using professional tape remover.

So, if you want the best semi-permanent tape in hair, visit our online shop today or call us for an online consultation.

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