Dianne Marshall Remy Tip Hair Extensions

What are Remy Tip Hair Extensions?

Remy tip hair extensions are high-quality products (also known as individual hair extensions) that are connected to a 1cm or smaller section of hair depending on the type. Remy hair tips come in a few form factors, including ITips, Nano Tips and Flat Tips.

ITips, also known as stick tips, are attached with copper tubes and are sold in bundles of 30. Meanwhile, Nano Tips are much more discreet, with small Nano Beads being used to connect to hair. Finally, Flat Tips feature keratin squares with a wide groove for hair to be headed and rolled into.

Professional Remy Tip Hair Extensions by Dianne Marshall


DM Remy offers the perfect solution for adding thickness, length, or even a dash of colour to your hair. The name Remy refers to the way the hair is prepared. DM Remy are the most popular human hair extensions we supply and this is largely down to the quality and price plus, the fact that they can blend exceptionally well with your own hair. The hair is reusable, making this one of the most affordable hair extensions. With the correct care and maintenance, your Dianne Marshall Remy extensions can last up to one year.

Why choose DM Remy hair? DM Remy Tips offer the highest grade of human hair extensions, all the hair strands are completely aligned in the natural direction the hair grew – resulting in beautiful, discreet, natural looking extensions.

Remy i Tip Hair Extensions

The perfect method for length and fullness and freedom to run your fingers through your hair. ITips are attached to small sections of hair approx. 1cm triangle shape across the scalp. Generally, between 60-180 ITips are applied depending on the thickness of your hair and the desired look you want to achieve. This is a very natural look and very flat to the scalp. This is also a great way of adding colour for a balayage effect without touching your own hair. Tipped hair is also know as ITips or stick tips attached with copper tubes which are also referred to as cold fusion. This product is sold in bundles of 30 and weighs 24g. Please note that not all of our I-Tips may be in stock. If not, no worries we can have these made for you.

Nano Remy Hair Extensions

Nano Tips are applied in the same way as ITips and also perfect for length and fullness and freedom to run your fingers through your hair. Nano Tips are more discreet than ITips due to the Nano Tip being much smaller and the Nano Beads are a fraction of the size of the copper tubs. Smaller sections are also taken from the client’s hair, which would allow for more hair to be applied. Generally, between 150-200 Nano Tips are applied. This product is sold in bundles of 30 and weighs 24g.

Flat Tip Extensions

Flat Tips also known as pre bonds or hot fusion. These are perfect for length and fullness and for freedom to run your fingers through your hair. Our Flat Tips are made with Italian keratin squares with an edge on each side so hair can be placed into the groove, then heated and rolled until the hair is sealed. This product is sold in bundles of 30 and weighs 24g.


ITips, Nano Tips and Flat Tips need to be refitted every 8-12 weeks. Fitting takes from 1 hour per 60 Tips. Re-fitting can take between 30mins to 1 hour for removal

What Other Remy Hair Extensions Do You Offer?

We offer customers a selection of high-quality Remy hair extension products to suit any occasion and all hair types. All of our Remy hair extension products are made from the finest human hair and come in various sizes, lengths and colours. The products available in our Remy hair extension range include: