Dianne Marshall Remy Weft Hair Extensions

What are Remy Weft Hair Extensions?

Remy weft hair extensions are a specific type of hair extension that are sewn into existing hair, as opposed to being bonded in or taped in. Weft hair comes in either machine-made or hand-tied and looks like a strip of hair that is fitted on your scalp in a vertical line from ear to ear. 

Sew-in wefts feel and look the most natural when ‘Remy’ hair is used to make them. ‘Remy’ is used to describe hair extensions that have been collected from a human donor. Each cuticle remains intact and is carefully aligned to ensure that each weft hair extension looks as natural as possible and is tangle-free.

High Quality Human Hair Weft Extensions


DM weft application UK hair extension stockists and suppliersHere at Dianne Marshall, we strive to deliver the best premium quality 100% human hair wefts, tips and tape extensions on the market and are always on the lookout for new ways in which to improve the quality of the hair we supply. DM Weft Hair Extensions are of the highest quality premium hair in 25 carefully selected hairdressing colours in lengths 16, 20 and 22 inches.

Wefts are the most practical extensions to apply as they are low maintenance and can be re used over and over with no shedding.

What Makes Dianne Marshall The Best UK Stockist & Supplier of Quality Extensions?

DM Weft Hair Extension Lengths 22inch UK stockistsUnfortunately, the hair extension industry is not regulated which means that you don’t always know where your hair has come from or if it has been ethically sourced, this also sadly means you don’t always get what you pay for.  Where the hair is sourced does not mean it is better quality as there is good and bad hair in every country or region what matters is that the single donor virgin, raw ponytails are of the highest quality and the production of the hair (colour and application) is done with great care to ensure that the hair stays in the same direction in this process with no stray upside-down hairs getting mixed in and infecting the batch. Our factory does 20 quality checks after processing to ensure no tangling, no colour fade and no shedding and our wefts are doubled up and stitched together for flatness and maximum thickness.

Our factory uses the latest state of the art techniques to ensure the very best results, the hair is not overprocessed and the colours are vibrant with shine.

85% of the cost of the hair is the hair itself the remainder on colour and weft production. No shedding or tangling is a basic requirement for our hair extensions so that you can enjoy a full life of the actual hair with no faults shortening the time of wear.

We have also paid attention to what you as a customer wants. We have made our wefts thicker than ever and expanded our colour range making sure they are practical up to date hairdressing colours.

As we have already said, quality is everything to us and we deliver perfect looking hair extensions that are low maintenance, do not knot or tangle or shed and can be styled easily.  


What Is A Weft?

Wefts are our most popular type of hair extension and offer a practical way of having instant, thicker looking hair. This method is so quick and so easy to maintain, you will be amazed at how a small amount of hair added to yours can completely transform your look to give you so much confidence and the hair you’ve always dreamed of.

This hair lasts the longest and is the easiest to maintain. Strips of hair neatly sit from ear to ear across your scalp. Depending on how thick your own hair is and what you are trying to achieve will depend on how many strips or rows of hair you will need. This hair is great if your own hair is shoulder length or longer. Wefts can integrate with your own hair very naturally and creates the fullest effect.

DM Remy wefts come in 24 colours and 3 lengths, 16 inch (100 grams) 20 inch (120 gram) and 22inch (140 gram) We also have half packs available. Hair generally lasts 8 months on average depending on how often the hair is washed, how much heat is applied and what products are used. We recommend non sulphate shampoo and a moisturising masque conditioner. Some customers can achieve up to 12 months if looked after well. Wefts are also available in European hair and Russian hair which last longer.

What Other Remy Hair Extensions Do You Offer?

We offer customers a selection of high-quality Remy hair extension products to suit any occasion and all hair types. All of our Remy hair extension products are made from the finest human hair and come in various sizes, lengths and colours. The products available in our Remy hair extension range include: 

If you want the best semi-permanent tape in hair, visit our online shop today or call us for an online consultation.