Remy Weft Hair Extensions

Our 100% Remy weft hair extensions produce incredible results on all kinds of natural hair. These beaded weft extensions are carefully attached to your hair and secured by micro beads to the roots. We have an incredible range of colours, styles, and lengths of Remy weft hair extensions in our online store, so you should have no trouble finding the perfect match to your own hair. Remy weft hair extensions can last for as long as a year, though you will need to adjust them every 6-8 weeks as your natural hair grows.


What are Remy Weft Hair Extensions?

Remy Weft Hair Extensions are designed to be sewn into existing hair, as opposed to being bonded or taped in. Wefts are the most popular type of hair extension on the market. Why? They offer a practical way to instantly transform your natural hair by making it look longer and thicker, whilst being long-lasting.

All of our Remy hair extensions are donated by a human donor, which means they offer a discreet look when attached to your natural hair. All of our human hair products are quality checked before being packaged to ensure that there are no knots or tangles.

What type of hair does Remy Wefts suit?

Remy Wefts can suit any type of hair, and that’s why it they our most popular hair extensions. They look especially good on those with shoulder-length hair or slightly thinner natural hair, as it is great for adding length and volume.

What is the difference between Half Packs and Full Packs?

Half Packs contain less hair than Full Packs, and are ideal if you are looking to compliment your natural hair, or just add an extra bit of volume. On the other hand, Full Packs are better for those looking to add a lot more hair and completely transform their look!

How do Remy Wefts applied to your hair?

Remy Wefts are applied by braiding your natural hair and then sewing the extensions using a needle and thread.

Am I able to install Remy Wefts to my own hair?

It is possible for you to install Remy Wefts yourself, but it isn’t easy! To avoid damage to your hair and quick and efficient application, it’s best to speak to professional hair extension stylists. Visit our hair extension salon in Liverpool City Centre for help from our team of professional stylists, or get in touch for a chat on 1015 902 0002.

How long do Remy Wefts last for?

Remy Wefts are one of the most popular hair extensions as they are one of the most long-lasting of our product range. They tend to last for up to 8 months, but this can vary depending on the treatment of the hair or how often it is washed.

Which pack is better for thinner hair?

If you have slightly thinner hair, then we recommend purchasing a Full Pack of hair to provide added volume and thickness to your natural hair. You can then have your extensions cut or styled to your ideal look!