Remy I-Tip Hair Extensions

Whether you call them stick tip, i-tips, or micro ring hair extensions, we’re talking about the same thing – a method of fitting an extension without resorting to glue or heat to get the job done. These 100% Remy hair extensions use micro rings or micro tubes to attach to your natural hair without causing any damage. We have a wide selection of styles, colours, and lengths available in our online store.

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What are I-Tip hair extensions?

I-Tips, also known as stick tips, are hair extensions that are attached individually to smaller segments of the natural hair using microbeads. I-Tips are a popular choice of hair extension as they provide a flatter, natural look and are applied without heat to the hair, which is favourable if you have slightly thinner hair.

How are I-Tip hair extensions installed?

I-Tips are installed by using microbeads which are threaded to small sections of the scalp. When you visit a professional hair salon to get your I-Tips installed, they will apply them carefully to avoid any damage to your natural hair and ensure that they are long-lasting.

How long do I-Tip hair extensions last for?

I-Tips can last from any time between 3 to 6 months, up to 12 months, but will often depend on how fast your hair grows and how well you maintain your hair extensions.

What are the benefits of I-Tip hair extensions?

The main benefit of choosing I-Tips for your hair, compared to other Remy extensions, is the discreet look that it creates when applied to your natural hair. Rather than creating volume with wefts, these extensions create a flat look that makes them unrecognisable when installed.

Can I install I-Tip hair extensions myself?

We don’t recommend installing I-Tips at home, as it may affect the final result of your hair extensions and it could cause damage to your natural hair. We suggest that you speak to professional hair stylists to get the most out of your hair extensions. If you want help from professional hair extension stylists, come visit the team at Dianne Marshall in our Liverpool salon.

How should I take care of my I-Tip hair extensions?

To make sure that your I-Tips are long-lasting and kept in good condition, we recommend that you:

1. Brush your hair regularly to prevent tangling
2, Do not style them when wet
3, Apply heat protection before hair drying or styling
4, If your hair needs immediate attention, seek professional help