Micro Beads (1000)


Dianne Marshall Silicone Lined Micro Ring/Beads

1000 Beads Per pot

Dimension: 5mm*3mm*3mm

(outside diameter*inside diameter*height diameter)

DM Micro rings/beads are made of a special lightweight aluminium raw material which makes the bead light on the hair. They also have a super soft silicone lined inside to prevent the extension from sliding or pulling on the hair.

Micro Rings/Beads are the most common method applied to plump hair, lengthen short hair, and give the desired appearance to the hair.

There is no damage caused to your own hair.

No heat or glue.

Easy to install.

Silicone is the same colour as the product.

Colours available – Dark brown, Brown, Dark Blonde, Blonde

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Blonde, Dark Blonde, Brown, Dark Brown