Virgin Slavic Double-Drawn Russian Hair Extensions

Important notice: Due to the unfortunate situation in Ukraine and Russia we will not be receiving any new shipments of hair from these countries until further notice. The majority of our virgin Slavic Eastern European hair comes from Ukraine and a small amount from Russia and neighbouring Slavic countries.

We will continue to purchase from these neighbouring countries and will have plenty of stock in dark hair up to light brown. Dark blondes will be limited. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the people in Ukraine.

Virgin Slavic Double-Drawn Russian Hair Extensions

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This is the hair of film stars. The Rolls Royce of hair,  and extremely rare. Those people who have had our hair will know that you will never find better quality than this but don’t be fooled to think that all hair from Russia is the same. Every country has good and bad hair from silky to course textures and in all colours but not all countries sell light coloured hair in very silky textures and Russia is one that does along with some of its neighbouring countries such as Ukraine, Poland, and Czech Republic which is known as Eastern European hair.  Anyone can sell hair from these countries and put a high price tag on the hair but it doesn't guarantee that the hair will be silky and beautiful as what you would expect.

The reason why our hair is so special is because we hand select our virgin Russian ponytails by choosing only the finest and the silkiest in all colours but mostly blondes as this is the rarest most beautiful hair of all. What this means is that if you have blonde hair or highlighted hair then the hair can be coloured from a dark blonde rather than from a brown or even dark brown as other pre coloured hair usually is therefore the quality will remain very high and will ensure longevity of your hair extensions. We then hand prepare the hair by a process called double drawing which means that all of the hair is separated and categorized into different lengths. When the client orders a specific length of hair she can be sure that the hair will be the same length from root to tip ensuring maximum thickness.  Clients have had this last anywhere from 1-4 years which is unheard of with any other hair extensions. This hair is sold in bulk, hand tied wefts and in tips. We also offer a colouring service.

Have a free consultation over the phone or book in with us. Call 0151 285 3913 or 07703741446 or email info@diannemarshall.com.

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Russian Hair Extensions

All Russian prices are for virgin hair only. If you require a colour which is not natural we offer a colour matching service. We charge £25 per weft. Price is for one Russian virgin hand tied weft 11″ wide. If you need any help please don't hesitate to get in touch on 08444457889 opt 1 or email us at info@diannemarshall.com

Double Drawn Virgin Slavic Russian Wefts

11 inch wide (approx grams shown in brackets)


Length Standard Weight Extra Thick Weight
10 inch £325 (24g) £389 (28g)
12 inch £363 (29g) £435 (34g)
14 inch £418 (32g) £502 (38g)
16 inch £487 (36g) £602 (43g)
18 inch £577 (40g) £700 (48g)
20 inch £653 (44g) £778 (52g)
22 inch £740 (48g) £868 (57g)
24 inch £821 (57g) £954 (68g)



Double Drawn Virgin Slavic Russian Tips

30 x 0.8g tips

Length Retail Price
10 inch £
12 inch £
14 inch £
16 inch £
18 inch £
20 inch £
22 inch £
Virgin Slavic Double Drawn Russian Light Hair Extensions
  • For thickness and a few inches longer we recommend 1 weft
  • For more than a few inches of length and thickness on fine hair we recommend 2 wefts
  • For length and thickness on thick hair we recommend 3-4 wefts

All our Russian hair is sold either loose or in hand tied wefts. Our hand tied wefts are made to perfection then stitched over to ensure longevity and softness for comfort.

  • Have a free consultation over the phone or book in at our salon in Liverpool. Call 08444457889 opt 1 or email info@diannemarshall.com
  • Provide colour sample at consultation or you can post it to us along with all measurements/weights etc
  • Pay 50% deposit on order (remaining balance can be paid on collection of hair)
  • We will process your order as soon as all details have been provided and colour sample has been received
  • Your new hair extensions will be lovingly made within 3-4 weeks
  • Collect in person from our salon in Liverpool or pay for next day special delivery to your door.

Our Russian hair extensions are custom made specifically for each customer. Handmade wefts CANNOT BE CUT. We will not be held responsible for wrong measurements, cut wefts, or mistakes in colour matching so if you unsure of what to order please ask as we are here to help you get the best hair extensions possible. As this hair is custom made for each client it is very important to check that you are satisfied with the hair. Wash the hair before fitting to be sure you are satisfied with the quality as once fitted/cut/styled into your hair no exchanges or refunds will be given. If you are not sure what length or how many wefts you need then call us on 07703741446 and we can have a consultation over the phone or in our salon in Liverpool. If you have never purchased Russian hair from us before you may want to contact us first to be sure you get exactly what you want.

Any faults on the hair should be reported to us within 1 week of purchase as any faults with the hair would show up within this time. Failure to report this will forfeit you to have a replacement or refund.